Week 2 – Pecha Kucha Presentation

This week we had the opportunity to show our Pecha Kucha presentation to Wendy and discuss feedback and possible options.

We also had a series of past FMP Proposal examples posted on Canvas. These really helped me with looking at how past peers had narrated their planned proposals and what sort of detail was shown within them.

Re the presentation, mine can be seen below:


Within my presentation, I outlined my initial plans for my FMP. I have had the idea of further exploring the use of video and different methods of stills recording to highlight the many different worlds that can be found along the river.

In consideration was a series of macro stills to be taken within a 1m x 1m square of space on the riverbank, films showing the underwater worlds of the river and use of time-lapse and re-photography to develop more visual concepts.

The ambition was to have these showcased along the riverbank during an exhibition in October. Observers would walk up the river path and see large scale images of tiny creatures, as well as view underwater films and other productions – all showing scenes that they would not ordinarily get to gaze upon.

Sounds recorded from the river would be then used to enhance the observer’s experience when viewing the images.

However, on presenting this concept to Wendy during our 1-1, it became apparent that this idea was in fact, very ‘messy’ and did not represent an actual progression of my practice.

Some of the ideas were viewed as viable, in terms of the development of the technical processes of image-making, but they do not achieve an authentic development of practice.

As such, a new version of my idea was discussed. This idea would take the form of creating images and video as described, but overlaying these onto audio recordings of local peoples stories from the river.

It was suggested that such stories could involve anyone linked to the Lower River Otter and explore how the river has had an impact on their own lives. The audio recordings could then become the narrator to images and video that provide the focus.

This concept is very new to me, the idea of recording audio interviews does make me nervous, but I can see how this could grow into an FMP project.

I shall consider this within my FMP write up.