Week 3 – FMP Proposal Prep

This week has all been spent developing my FMP proposal for submission.

I am still not clear how the project could work. It is also way outside of my comfort zone, so an added challenge. Primarily because I would include people as an active part of my work, an element I have avoided during my MA modules.

I think the main subject for the work will be ‘how cultural links with the river have changed over the last few years’. This would look at the way farming, local communities and education have evolved and consider how modern cultural life has impacted on the river ecology and natural environment.

Any interviews would explore stories, cultural activity, conservational issues, rural skills and history of the river environment. The rule for inclusion is that each story has to have the river flowing through its heart. Either visually, contextually or metaphorically.

I think that viewing the river as a common metaphorical theme could allow the work to take the shape of its own. This way, I would not restrict myself to a set subject matter.

This would then require a set of objective images – these could work against my approach, as there are a more significant number of subjective ways to visualise the river than there is objective.