Week 1 – The Beginning

The opening week to my FMP and I have been excited, yet terrified at the idea. Up until now, my MA has primarily been led by tutorials and research projects. These have been structured and managed within a class environment.

The very thought that the next six months will now be spent developing our works alone is very daunting, yet something I have been looking forward to.

The idea of the FMP for me is a real opportunity to experiment with my photography practice and develop new and interesting methods that will help me contextualise my work now and for the future.

I have struggled throughout my MA to achieve such contextualization, and this project gives me that reason to attempt it within a real-world setting.

During my last module – Informing Contexts, I did achieve an understanding of the direction I wanted to go in. For my FMP this could mean remaining with the Lower River Otter but looking to alternative image production methods.

My main concern at this time is that I feel I have pushed my current practice style as far as it can go in terms of developmental growth. Continuing with just stills may end up limiting my FMP and its narrative.

My first 1-1 is with Wendy next week so that things may become more evident.