Week 28 – Final Thoughts

I have been thinking for some time what to put for this last post. I am actually finding this much more challenging than expected, as there is so much that has happened over the duration of my FMP.

I no longer recognise my photography practice, nor see my work as I use to.

At the start of my MA, I had no real understanding of the contextual photography world or its many practitioners, nor could I align my practice within a subjective setting.

I use to make work and give it away as I felt my images had no value. This I now know to be very wrong.

I now see my practice as an ever-evolving, ever-developing creative process that carries with it significant value, both metaphorically and physically.

I also now can see and understand the concepts behind many of the great contextual photographic works. I now SEE images, rather than just create them.

I hold my MA journey in the highest regard, as it has allowed me to move my photography practice forward in ways I could never fully comprehend. Along the way, I have met and worked with some outstanding people.

I shall miss being part of such a journey. But I now know the future for my photography practice is as big and as colourful as I want it to be.

Thank you all.