Week 26 – FMP Portfolio

In my last one to one with Wendy, we discussed the developments of my FMP PDF submission.

I had initially been considered setting out my PDF with each story represented by two images, one establishing – showing the Signifier – scene or location and one more abstract – indicating the more Signified angle. The ambition was to bring the two together to highlight an element of each story.

Some of the planned images are shown below:


Figure 1



Figure 2



Figure 3



Figure 4

In figures 1 and 2, we can see the main issue with this idea. Destined initially to represent Rosie’s film, they do not have any real merit in terms of a stills photograph.

The distance shot of the bridge is a nice image, but lacks any subjective context and does not work as an emotive connection to her Story.

The same for Figures 2 and 3 – initially planned for Sam’s Story, again the images lack any significant punch and in many ways are not technically suitable to be submitted as an FMP pice.

It was suggested by Wendy to review my use of such images and consider the use instead of a more subjective approach. The notion of landscape style images seen to miss the main point of the emotive style of the films. I agreed with this feedback.

It was also agreed that a more effective way could be to have the one main image together with a single small thumbnail image. This could represent the link to the relevant Story and also covers the use of text describing who each of the contributors is and their link to the river.

This seemed to make much more sense than the original design, and so I shall now look to reproduce my FMP with this feedback in mind.



  • Figure 1: Jones, Rob. 2019. Riparian. [Photograph]
  • Figure 2: Jones, Rob. 2019. Riparian. [Photograph]
  • Figure 3: Jones, Rob. 2019. Riparian. [Photograph]
  • Figure 4: Jones, Rob. 2019. Riparian. [Photograph]