Week 23 – Exhibition Planning

I had my next one-one with Wendy this morning. It was a productive meeting, and while there is still much work to do, it was felt that things were looking ok.

I discussed my plans for my FMP exhibitions and looked at how I planned to develop the public exhibition into a more focused FMP submission.

The online approach had worked out. I now had some films starting to emerge but had not yet put the stories up. I have decided to hold this back until after the public viewings of my work.

I felt strongly that the river stories should be viewed first by a public audience and then made available online, as for me, this meant I could premier the works within the local communities in which they were created.

It feels fitting that the communities around the Lower River Otter get to see the project before the rest of the world.

I have booked the Otteron Village Hall for 30th November. I have chosen a Saturday as most people would be around. I had also included a social gathering in the local pub afterwards, with the hope of carrying on some conversations with the audience about the work.

I have also booked the Budleigh Health and Wellbeing Hub for the evening of the 5th December, as this allows a link to the project within the Health and Wellbeing agenda. Promoting Wellbeing in Nature is one of Riparians aims.

I put together a set of posters and have begun to circulate them around the local communities and social media:

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 12.54.30

Figure 1


Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 12.54.43

Figure 2

Other than during my MA modules, this will be the first time I have exhibited any of my creative work away from my facebook or website pages. It will also be the first time I have publicly exhibited a film I have created. I am very nervous at the idea, but also really intrigued to see how the audience will respond to my work.



  • Figure 1: Jones, Rob. 2019. Riparian Exibition Poster.
  • Figure 2: Jones, Rob. 2019. Riparian Exibition Poster.