Week 22 – Geology

Following on from my meeting with Wendy, I managed to complete the Geology film that I had been working on with Anthony.

As an ambassador for the Jurassic Coast, Anthony was able to speak very eloquently and passionately about the area’s geology. I subject that I felt was essential to include as it represents the birth of the River Otter.

Anthony’s story takes us on a journey over millennia, to a time that the area of the River was part of a great desert, around the location of the Saharah. The famous red sandstone and fossil beds the area is known for have all originated from this time.

The pebbles on the local beaches are also part of this period, having originated in a once a great river that flowed through the desert area.

I found Anthony’s Story to be fascinating and very much a welcome part of the Riparian project.

To visualise this, I decided to keep with static video and stills of the local geographical features. These help the observer understand and imagine what the area of the River may have looked like some 100 million years ago.

Anthony’s story can be seen below: