Week 26 – Exhibition Night Part 2

My second exhibition of Riparian has gone very well.

Hosted at the hub in Budleigh the screening attracted 17 people, mostly local residents. As before the film was shown in full and the audience were then given the chance to feedback on what they had seen.


Figure 1

Hosted in the hubs main function room, the exhibition space was also filled with local artists work, the local river and surrounding areas have inspired many of the paintings.

Overall the feedback was very similar as before, with the film seen as ‘a bit too long’ for some. However, as in Otterton, the audience found the work to be entertaining, educational and emotive.

Many were inspired by the alternative views of the river and how it provided them with a gaze not normally accessible. This was primarily focused on the light reflective and underwater scenes.

It was commented after the film that this work could be much more effective broken up into separate subject headings, such as History, Ecology etc. This was in agreement with the feedback from the Otterton Exhibition.

It feels like to take Riparian forward, and a more audience centred piece may be the best way. That being, work that has a more fluid rhythm to it in terms of images.

It was also noted that a number of the Stories could have been broken up. Interspacing each throughout the film, but I feel this would take something away from the power some of the stories have.

Overall I am very minded of the successes of Meadows practice when comparing to my own. I feel Riparian has much still to give but does need a more audience-focused approach if its to be accepted by the local community.

I now feel I have come as close as I can in my FMP to confirming my research question. I now see that it is possible to create works that allow local audiences to learn from my project.

It is also very feasible that such learning can focus on exploring the metaphorical importance of the river to the local community – through such themes as time, exploration, personal experience and reflection – and still be able to deliver an artistic approach that matches the direction of my own practice.

As for the Signified, I feel this is something that only the observer can now confirm. However, I do feel that Riparian has achieved at least some emotive results over the last six months.



  • Figure 1: Jones, Rob. 2019. Riparian Audience. [Photograph]