Weel 11 – Final Reflections

I am now at the end of the Informing Contexts module, and I do feel my practice has travelled a significant distance this time. I have gone from seemingly no real grasp of narrative and how to create a portfolio, to a more focused understanding of ‘seeing images’ and having a narrative I can relate to and explain to the observer.

To put it simply my WIP is a study of one location on the River Otter. This location is one of my most favoured spots to sit and re-energise away from hectic daily life. I spend a considerable amount of time helping friends and family, in addition to working with people and communities with complex needs. I find that at times, my batteries becomes flat. When they do I journey to the river to recharge and refocus my mind, spirit and creativity.

The river is like an old friend and a comfort to me. It calms and relaxes as well as surprises and educates me. I find it ethereal and yet at the same time grounding.

When I visit, I see many different scenes opening up before me. These are mostly caused by weather, changing seasons and the suns light reflecting on the water or through the trees. It enhances the motion of the river, causing water to boil or to take on a mystical form. The balance between the light and the dark a reflection of the hidden natural world that many do not see.

My WIP takes this study of place and revisits it at different times of the day and in different and changing conditions. It chooses to ignore the wider scene. Instead, I focus my gaze into the water and surrounds.

I create work that I can feel and sense, through which I look to draw the observer into, not just seeing, but feeling and hearing the images I produce. The place coming alive in the observers own mind and memory in the process.

I am looking to bring in a ‘way of seeing’ without the observer ever being stood where I was. Creating a memory, one where the observer exists within the image itself.

I choose to use video and stills as a way of conveying emotion and gravitas. I use the natural light as it is this that I watch the most. It is eternal dance a testimony to the connection light and water has to all natural life. It’s reflections drawing my gaze to a hidden mystical world where nature rules over society.

I choose not to include people within this work as I feel this is not why I am going there. I go to get away from society and focus my mind on the natural spaces of our world. Spaces that are sadly shrinking ever smaller.

The hand of humanity is slowly sweeping away our natural world, and I wish my WIP to take account for this through its naivety in showing off the natural and not the cultural, social or industrial that is growing ever larger just outside of the gaze of my camera.