Week 6 – Reflexions

This week has been spent getting ready for the Face to Face event in Falmouth. As such I have not had time to focus on this week’s webinars.

The F2F is a weekend I have been very much looking forward to, as it will allow me to show my work to lecturers and peers and get much hoped for face to face feedback.

The main critique sessions I am hoping to attend are as follows:

  • Group 1 – Paul Clements, Karen Brett
  • Group 2 – Gary McLeod, Clare Bottomley
  • Group 3 – Steph Cosgrove, Michelle Sank
  • Group 4, Jesse Alexander,  Cemre Yesil

I have chosen these as they offer an extensive dynamic and could present an excellent opportunity to gain much-needed direction.

My initial thoughts are that my weakness in pulling together a narrative and my limited ability to develop a portfolio that has resonance will be picked up. However, it is hoped that I can get more focused direction from these critiques.

I have chosen a range of images from collections going back over the last 12 months of my MA and also including some new work. The main aim is to see what sort of image format and style gains any meaningful recognition and what initially gets rejected as unsuitable.

Some of the images I am going to take with me include:


Figure 1



Figure 2



Figure 3



Figure 4

My main hope is that I can get some form of direction to my work. I seem to be still lost when it comes to finding a voice for my work, and it is becoming more and more frustrating.

I find the weekly webinar sessions very helpful, yet listening to my peers I do now feel, more than ever, that I am lagging and lack any evident ability to move beyond the single image. I am very much muted in this respect.

Hopefully, this weekend will change this.




  • Figure 1 – JONES, Rob. 2018. Water reflections. [Photograph]
  • Figure 2 – JONES, Rob. 2018. Half in Half out. [Photograph]
  • Figure 3 – JONES, Rob. 2018. River Sunset. [Photograph]
  • Figure 4 – JONES, Rob. 2019. The River Otter. [Photograph]