Week 12 – Showtime

This module has been very much a roller coaster journey for me in terms of developing my practice.

Leaving my day job in may 2018 gave me the time and space I needed to develop a range of photographic methods. Many were very much new to me. However family commitments meant I was traveling significantly, so my practical development took part largely away from the river Otter.

The decision to set up formally as a photographer and establishing a commercial website for my photography was a huge step and one that has kept me much busier than expected.

The work around surfaces within this module has really helped me identify ways of displaying work and was fundamental in supporting the initial design of my new photography site.

Although actual commissions are few and far between right now, I do feel that I have made significant progress over this summer, in terms of identifying what my practice is and where I want it to go.

This module has challenged me to think about different photographic methods, styles and processes. It has also made me think at length about the context of my work, its links to others and how I collaborate with them and the way I want viewers to interact with my work.

The notions of photobooks, workshops and exhibitions has been expanded. I now see opportunities here that I did not before, in terms of building up my confidence within my practice. Such lack of confidence has been the main blockage to pushing my photographic work forward.

I now see the following as being areas I wish to explore in more detail for my main research project – I also now see these as the photographic areas of specialism that I wish to pursue (shown in no order):

  • Time-lapse, Hyperlapse and HyperZoom along with Pinhole photography
  • Astrophotography, light paining and nightlapse
  • Half in – half out photography and underwater photography
  • Wildlife photography – expanding on my current position
  • Landscape photography – again expanding on my current position
  • Macro photography
  • Infrared photography
  • Repeat and Re-photography

This module has also identified one key area of my practice not yet developed. This is the inclusion of people into my work.

This element has been identified over this module as very much lacking. The exclusion of such means the project would never gain the traction I envisage and would be disjointed from the local communities.

I shall now also be looking to capture people in my work, with a focus on capturing areas of rural and related skills – including those of agriculture, conservation and archaeology. Such skills are in decline and I feel are in need of recording as part of my project.

I now feel that I am at a stage where my practice can evolve and grow beyond, what has been, a stagnated process that has held me back for some years.

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