Week 20 – An Introduction is Made

I have spent this weekend working on the proposed exhibition film. I have decided to show the films independently through the project website and now new Facebook page @riparians and also to show all the stories as one feature film as my public exhibition.

This idea gives me two methods of audience engagement that I can then study. I feel through an online presence I can develop the project with a more focused theme, using the films text narration and stills images to produce Riparian as a viable online entity.

It also can reach a wider audience and can be viewed by people who are not able to get to the River Otter. The website has also helped me find contributors, with several agreeing to do the project after seeing the existing online films.

Physically the audience exhibition is going to focus on a single film. This has been part circumstantial and part experimental.

Circumstance wise, I do not have access to any viable locations where I could screen each film as individual pieces of work that are part of a more significant exhibition.

My ambition would have been to have several screens set up within an exhibition site that includes stills images and more massive projections of river scenes – such as the Life Under the Weeds film which I have produced as an experimental piece to highlight the possibilities of creating a living photograph from an underwater scene.

My idea would have been to allow audiences to wander through the exhibition, observing the stories and collection of related stills images. These would then be interspersed by large, full wall-size projections of scenes such and Life Under the Weeds.

The aim would be to immerse the audience into the river world in ways that would surprise, educate and inspire.

Instead, I have looked at the local village hall and the Health and Wellbeing Hub at Budleigh and decided to do two screenings of the Riparian film at these locations.

The film will show the stories as a collection, one leading into the other. It is hoped that the outcome would be to respond to my initial research question and give the audience a memorable experience.

I have now created a visual introduction for the project that I am happy with. This will be used on social media and other online resources to help promote the exhibitions once I agree on a date.