Week 18 – The Estuary

A new contribution to the project was achieved this week from Fliss. This took a very different approach to the expected one I had, with Fliss recording her piece as she sat on the riverbank.

I have been open to the opportunity for contributors to record their own stories but I did not expect this to happen within my FMP project.

I felt that Fliss had done a really lovely job of visually describing the scene as the natural environment happened around her.

There is a natural and fluid flow to her audio that has set the scene very effectively, as we can see below:

To animate Flisss’s story, I have chosen to go with views of the estuary and related wildlife. This made more sense as the way Fliss describes the scene in front of her is very emotive. For me, an audience would want to also gaze upon such scenes; their imagination can then enhance such a vista.

I also have chosen to use video for this piece as I felt it would provide more fluid motion to the story than merely using stills. The latter I felt would not have done justice the work and could have resulted in a very stagnant observer experience.