Week 5 – Off The Reservation

This week I took a break from the river and worked on some images I had captured in late June of the Summer Solstice at Stone Henge.

This was purely an experimental piece that looked at how I could develop my practice in terms of capturing people at events. The research for my FMP focusing on ways in which groups of people could be shown taking part in something they enjoy — the visuals seeking to capture that enjoyment subjectively.

This work, different to my river subject, did show me that – to capture images of individuals within the river environment, I would need to find the right conditions, activity and scene.

I had been considering developing this line of an idea for some time, but have a number of doughts that I could produce stills or video images of people enjoying time down by the river, that would be visually and academically viable for inclusion within my FMP.

Such work is not an area I enjoy or specialise in, and I have worries that attempts to include portate or other media of people in my FMP could prove counterproductive.

I will consider this as I move forward but am leaning towards not including images or video of individuals within my project work for this reason.

The following are some of my images take during June 21st 2019:


Figure 1



Figure 2



Figure 3



Figure 4



Figure 5

Interestingly my research for my FMP has led me to consider an exhibition of these images for 2020 – each image becoming a large print that can be observed. To enhance the experience, I have looked at recording sound from the solstice celebrations and playing that under each image – thus producing a moment in celebration.


  • Figure 1: Jones, Rob. 2019. Solstice at Stone Henge. [Photograph]
  • Figure 2: Jones, Rob. 2019. Solstice at Stone Henge. [Photograph]
  • Figure 3: Jones, Rob. 2019. Solstice at Stone Henge. [Photograph]
  • Figure 4: Jones, Rob. 2019. Solstice at Stone Henge. [Photograph]
  • Figure 5: Jones, Rob. 2019. Solstice at Stone Henge. [Photograph]