Week 6 – Experimental

This week I have decided to begin experimenting with different styles of imagery to see what strikes me as the most appealing.

The theme for this week was sunset and the changing light. The river section I am most often found visiting runs parallel to the setting sun. This makes for some very different and often mesmerising light displays most evenings.

I have been photographing the sunset along the river for some years, and each time I do its always different. I am always struck by how much change a single day can bring.

The concept of photographing the same spot often has been one that’s cropped up during this module. The idea of using this concept to show the changing light and how it impacts the sections along the river does appeal very much.

However, the concept of showing the sunsets, for this WIP, does not work for me. While I have considered at length bringing such images forward, I now find that there is currently no narrative that makes sense to me to justify bringing them in as part of my work.

For my FMP, I could see the development of the pinhole camera and the use of photosensitive papers to record such gazes. Such methods are, in my view, more effective at capturing the light changes an impact the sun has on the river, but in a way more aesthetically pealing.

The use of my digital SLR would not do the images any justice, save recording the event for reference.

Examples of such a record are as follows:

Figure 1

Such images are emotive and under the right narrative, could be used as a compelling exhibition.

Such an exhibition piece may yet come to play as part of my FMP, but for the case of the WIP for this module, they will not play a part. Simply as I can not connect them satisfactorily enough to the visual story, I want to tell, whatever that may be.




  • Figure 1 – JONES, R. 2018. Sunsets along the river. [Photograph]