Week 4: Challenge

For this week’s activity, we were asked to create a marketing plan for our practice which covers the next 10 weeks.

1.The marketing plan – draft 1.1

2. The vision

The scope of my business idea is to develop a series of images that encompass the life, culture, people and journey of the River Otter in East Devon. The theme of the work is Worlds within Worlds and sits very much under conservation photography.

3. The objectives

  • To create a set of images that promote the River Otter as a vibrant ever moving ecosystem, home to many species
  • To capture the culture and history of the people and communities that live along the river
  • To capture, the changes along the river as the seasons and weather impact the vista, ecosystems and flora of the location
  • To use this work as an ongoing development resource for my photography and filming ability and to increase my knowledge around both

4. The strategy and weekly action plan

This strategy is designed to evolve with the project but has a set of consistent fundamentals designed to assist in the development of my photographic practice.

  • Capturing images that fit with the projects vision and its objectives for the river
  • Find ways of disseminating these images in ways that are accessible to all and can be enjoyed through a range of media
  • Present and encourage participation within the project from a wide range of community sources
  • Create and maintain a social media presets and website that promote the project and allow local people to participate in creative ways
  • Research and network with conservation and ecology services to identify key species and conservation issues to capture on film and video – use this to determine how best to showcase any conservational question – such as the recent introduction of the Beaver to the River Otter
  • Develop and share any key findings as part of the MA course and determine additional avenues to explore that fit with the current need

5. Resource requirements 

  • Camera equipment that is capable of filming and taking stills below and above the water
  • Adherence to any key legislation, risk strategy and control requirements to ensure no risk or disturbance is caused to any ecosystem along the river – this includes implementing the Check, Clean, Dry code at all times
  • Permissions and other arrangements to ensure the smooth implementation of the project
  • Access to training and learning opportunities to help aid the development of key project areas – such as filming underwater
  • Ensure linkages are made to any of my MA peers who are engaging in similar projects and engaging in learning from professional photographers who have already conducted such work
  • Contacting local media and other social media sites to promote the project and encourage participation