Week 7 – Publication Guidance

The publication element of this module has been of great interest.

Sadly due to family commitments I have been unable to take part in many of the challenges during this module – which has noticeably held me back,. Instead I have been considering, at length, ways in which all three surfaces can aid in my practice.

For the publication element I have looked at a number of options, but the production of a mini set of photobooks on themes relating to the river Otters journey, is the most likely direction.

As linking into education is a big part of my ambitions in terms of work outcomes, I have been looking at a number of options for such work.

Subject wise I am currently focusing on producing test copies on:

  • The dragonfly – the story of the lifecycle and connection this creature has to the river – living under, on and over the river
  • Half in – Half out – this will be the visual study of the river from the perspective of the worlds over and under the river, using half in – half out photography inspired from my last module.
  • Infrared – a study of the river through infrared light
  • The weather – the coverage of the very different weather conditions the river sees – largely focusing on repeat photography.

I am now in the processes of gathering the images for the above trials and will look to have a completed pice of work by September.

The critical factor here is the way in which these books all link together. For them to work for the project, any publications should link up to reflect the connections found throughout the rivers course.

Publications that create a visual journey and encourage learning and enjoyment are one of the main aims within my practice.

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