Week 1 – reflections

I am starting the work for this module reviewing the feedback from my last work in progress submission. The work was based on the theme of autumn and the focus was looking to capture the sense of change and serenity that accompanied that body of work.

The feedback from this module includes the following comments:

“You’ve created a calm and sensitive body of work with the potential to communicate a poetic exploration of a space, in this case, a river. A journey through autumn through the eyes of the leaves travelling the river itself. The work, both moving image and still is beautiful and serene. Your use of underwater photography, moving image, surface imagery work together to give the viewer a 3D experience of this watery environment.”

“We’d encourage you to continue exploring the theoretical approach to this subject matter which you have begun to develop, and to continue to move away from the literal documentation of this river, to explore thoroughly the metaphorical importance using such themes as time, exploration, personal experience and reflection.”

Your approach is quiet and reflective, you are making quiet images which could speak to a universal narrative. Further development of your narrative and technical style will be advantageous to your work an allow your audience to experience the narrative and poetic aspects of the work fully.

I feel that these comments from this work in progress does create a very good starting point for this new module and the next stages of my work in progress. I do now feel that the focus needs to be more sent on the narrative and exploration of the metaphorical, rather than the technical and objective views I have taken so far.

I shall look to seek out new opportunities as this module moves from winter into spring. This could lead to coverage of the changes the river goes through during this turn of the season.